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Posted by on Mar 27, 2012 in Blog, News | 0 comments

Album Mastered, Newly Titled!

Album Mastered, Newly Titled!

My first album has been mastered and is inching closer to release.  Obviously, I’ve been overly optimistic in predicting WHEN the album will be out, but it’s looking like late spring/early summer is more than a distinct possibility.  With more time to listen back and think about where this album fits (and doesn’t fit) in the larger scheme of things both from an individual, group, and listener perspective, I’ve decided to change the title to “Some Stories Tell No Lies.”  Rather than gloss over flaws, imperfections, or any individual/group weaknesses, I’m attempting to present an honest snapshot of a group of musicians in progress.  It seems like a fitting opportunity to highlight how music can be helpful in telling stories and aiding narratives, especially those that capture both highs and lows.

A special thanks to both Marlon Patton and Miguel Alvarado for a great job on the mixing and mastering.  Thanks fellas!

Here’s a brief look at the artwork that will make up the front of the CD face.  It was sent to me on my birthday several years back by a wonderful artist (and my impressive aunt) Amy Trabka.  The photo preceding this post will be featured on the CD cover, and was taken by Atlanta photographer Laura Polmear.  Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned!

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