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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

Look At This!

Look At This!

Here is an a very new effort getting started out in Phoenix, AZ, that looks promising.


Now, “Jazz Societies” and “Jazz Centers” have opened up many times before, and are constantly battling anemic funding, divergent agendas, and many other issues.  But it’s good to see new efforts, especially with this sentiment included in the mission description: “The Nash will serve our entire community based on the conviction that jazz is for everyone: children, adults, seniors and families; musicians and non-musicians, privileged and under-served youth. The Nash will operate in collaboration with schools and other arts and culture organizations.”

I, for one, look forward to seeing if they have the opportunity to live by this mission.  Especially as I will soon be spending a LOT of time in the Phoenix area.  The underlined part above intrigues me – it’s rare you see those sentiments spelled out so explicitly by a musical organization – and holds promise.  Excited about the opportunity to get involved. Check them out for yourselves, and see what they are all about!

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